Our platform collects information from various sources. Subsequently it is stored and analyzed. Our clients can access this data and create graphics and visualizations based on the data collected by logging in to our secure server.

We create software for collecting/scraping data on various social media networks such as X (Twitter), Tiktok, Youtube and more. In addition we provide tools to analyze and visualize the data. Visualization can be done on the subject of tweets, hashtags, geographical origin and much more.

If you need additional tooling or specific OSINT-software to do online-research, it can be developed for you. Please contact us to discuss your specific demands.


Disinformation campaigns, hybrid warfare and troll armies often tend to target specific events. Some examples are referendums, elections, or certain events like for instance the downing of MH17.

Our software can be used to detect disinformation campaigns which have already taken place on internet or we can watch campaigns which will likely happen.

Elections can be a target of disinformation campaigns. A blueprint can be created to detect such campaigns. Such a blueprint contains political parties, politicians and their accounts on social media. Our software can log activities related to those accounts and enables us to detect propaganda and targeted campaigns. The data collected by our software is visualized on our platform.

We enable our clients to do research themselves or we can execute projects for our clients. It is also possible for us to team up with our clients and execute the project together.


The digital world is growing, social media such as Twitter and Facebook form a part of life for many people. People leave information and digital traces on internet. With the right tools and knowledge these traces can be found and studied. Investigative journalism by using OSINT-tools is getting more popular and can dig up amazing evidence.

We provide our clients with tailored made training programs to meet your exact needs. Our training provide the right tools to become an expert in OSINT research.